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Commercial Diving Safety Training

Legacy Offshore Safety


Safety Policy

Policy Statement

Legacy Offshore believes that every job can be done in a safe manner. It is our policy that all employees, sub-contractors, and individuals involved in day to day operations will conduct business in a manner that is professional and protects everyone’s safety. Legacy Offshore is committed to managing, identifying and eliminating safety hazards with all tasks.


Company Goals

  • To provide a safe and healthy work place for all individuals working for Legacy Offshore.
  • To identify, communicate, provide training and means to manage hazards for everyone in the work place.
  • To increase everyone’s awareness and participation in safety-related programs. ZERO INJURIES FOR PERSONNEL, ZERO SPILLS, and ZERO DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT are the key goals of Legacy Offshore, LLC.

These objectives will be achieved by:

  • Safety has to start with management. Management must and will, take steps to improve safety daily. In addition, management will listen to personnel in the field and make changes as needed.
  • Everyone working for Legacy Offshore must follow company, client and government safety policies, wear personnel protective equipment and establish safe guards not only on the job, but everywhere.
  • Use tools at your disposal and safety programs to identify hazards.
  • Establish training programs to identify hazards and the means to manage hazards.
  • Encourage employee participation in safety programs to improve safety, protect the environment and reduce equipment damage.

To contact our safety department, please call:
Rodney Fromenthal / Safety Director (985) 631-6805