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Press Release


Press Release

Legacy Offshore International surpasses a major milestone in saturation diving.

  Press Release


Legacy is proud to announce that we have relocated our corporate office to Dickinson, Texas.

Inland/Nearshore Diving Safety Workshop

8th March 2012, Houston

A lack of awareness by client organizations is frequently resulting in diving contractors winning work by compromising safety.


Inland/nearshore diving carried out inside territorial waters (normally within 12 miles or 19.25 kilometres from shore) continues to result in high levels of fatalities each year. Many of these could be prevented by following simple safety principles.


The workshop is relevant for activities carried out in docks, harbours, canals, culverts, rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, dams, flooded tunnels, tanks, refineries & terminals and also ship husbandry.


This workshop aims to:

  • Raise the understanding amongst end users of key control elements of the OGP Diving Recommended Practice (Report Number 411).
  • Achieve a global step change in improving diver safety.


The target audience of the workshop is:

  • OGP Members
  • Fleet owners and managers
  • Classification societies
  • Flagstates
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Trade associations
  • Insurance underwriters
  • Ship agents

Save the Blue

In conjunction with Black Elk Energy, Legacy Offshore donated time, equipment, and personnel to install underwater cameras to monitor marine life adjacent to the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. This pro bono effort was organized to benefit “Save the Blue,” an environmental initiative pioneered by Black Elk Energy and designed to protect and preserve ecosystems existing around oil and gas structures in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Through this initiative, researchers will be able to study existing marine ecosystems near the end of an oil & gas platform’s useful life. If a thriving ecosystem exists, this program recommends that deck, well, and pipeline abandonment of the facility be safely conducted as stipulated by existing regulations and allow the structure to remain in place to protect and preserve the marine life that has formed a habitat on and around the structure.


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